ESPN retracts Tebow report.

Posted: December 25, 2012 in NFL
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ESPN spent the better part of Christmas Eve Tebow bashing, which should come as no surprise seeing as that is how the network spends most of it’s days. Mike and Mike fill ins Mike Hill and Michael Smith made it the point of emphasis on the show. They reported that he had refused to run any wildcats plays against the Chargers in Sundays game after being passed over for the start by Rex Ryan. Michael Smith went so far as to say Tebow should expect nothing and that we the mere public have no access to Jets practice and as such have no right or ideal to judge. Even though that is exactly the kind reporting the network thrives on.

he shouldn’t feel he was passed over! He can’t pass!

Smith said. Other talking fools…I mean heads such as Sal Pallentonio have suggest Tebow should pack for Canada. however if they had taken time to watch a CFL game, then they’d know that they pass alot up there.
Across the bottom of our televisions screens late yesterday was the news feed which told the story ( Tebow told Adam Shefty that he and coach Ryan had a disagreement onTuesday over McElroy getting the start. On Friday Tim reiterated his willingness to do whatever the needed. By the the Jets had moved on to Jeremy Kerley running the wildcats sets against the chargers.)
There was no breaking SC news moment or anything. It as just simple scroll of text that let us know once again that ESPN ismNOT in the business of breaking factual news but more along the entertainment lines such as TMZ. ESPN spent hours yesterday reporting that Tim Tebow was an ungrateful diva who pulled rank instead of being happy he had a job in the league at all. The truth did come out albeit sort and without fanfare but by then the damage had been done to this young man’s reputation. Tim Tebow will not be with the Jets after this season and he may find it hard to land another team due in no small part to the faulty reporting of ESPN.
Think I am crazy? Just ask hitmen Mark Carrier and Chuck Cecil who wee ran out after it was reported their tackling style was barbaric and just too violent ton e allowed anywhere near the league.


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