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Hester to Retire?

Posted: December 31, 2012 in NFC NORTH
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Hester found out about Lovie Smith getting fired and said he may never play again. He told reporters in Chicago earlier today that he hasn’t been having fun and it has been on his mind for the past two seasons. He went on to say his workers comp papers were in his pocket and he would have to go home and discuss the matter with hios wife and two sons.

Whatever you decide, Mr Hester, I want to be the first to say¬†“Thank you for the memories and I will support you.” I hope plenty of other fans feel the same way. He may not have panned out as a reciever, but that isn’t entirely his fault. He came into the league as a DB not a WR. I realize that he is owed a boat-load of cash, but he gave me the warm feeling that I haven’t felt in a lifetime as a long-suffering Bears fan.

Lets hear it for the most exciting Chicago Bear since Gayle Sayers, and the best return man to ever live—-EVER (that means you primetime)