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OK. I just have to get this off of my chest. I get in the truck on the drive to work this morning and what do I hear, but both of the sports radio stations — CBS and FOXSPORTS — both are explaining why it is sooo ludacris that Bill Callahan would have purposefully blown his chance the win a Superbowl Ring with the Raiders.

Guess what, they’re right. No coach in his right mind would do that. No matter how good of buddies you are with the opposing coach {which I don’t eve seen how this argument was relevent…at all}, or how badly you hate the owner. Callahan got the Raiders there and tried his best to win the game. I’m sorry but he did.

But the is just the point. Tim Brown did not say the coach sabotaged the game on purpose. He said he changed the game plan at the last minute. There is a HUGE difference. All he basically said was that all of they players pretty much hated the guy’s guts before this and they blamed the change on what happened to Barrett before the game. Brown even went on to say the Barrett Robbins should have manned up. But that the team already knew he was a bit unstable.

No one [besides the media or course] is saying the coach submarined his own team. At least not intensionally. They are saying he out thought the room with a new plan that the Raider player felt they had no time to learn.



The Bears FINALLY have their man…Marc Trestman named Head Coach

Jan 16th, 2013 at 1:38 am by Breaking News

After an extensive and exhaustive search, the Chicago Tribune is reporting that the Chicago Bears will name Marc Trestman as their next head coach.  Trestman was the candidate I was most intrigued by having bounced around the college, NFL and CFL ranks.  Most recently of the CFL’s Montreal Alouettes, Trestman has lead the team to back to back Grey Cup Championships and an overall 64-34 record in 5 seasons as head coach. 

Known as a cerebral, offensive coach, Trestman seems to be in a good position to maximize the skills of Bears QB Jay Cutler.  Hell, this guy made Scott Mitchell look really good.  I think Trestman is a great hire and is the first offensive minded coach the Bears have hired since Mike Ditka.  Yes, Ditka was considered offensive minded, not just offensive.

We will delve more into Trestman’s fit for the Beloved as the days unfold…The Cover Stew may even way in… 


What do you all think?  Good hire, bad hire, meh???  Hit us up in the comments!!!


After 9 seasons, the Chicago Bears have finally parted ways with Head Coach Lovie Smith.lovie

This move has split the sports world into two camps. On the one side, you have the talking heads at ESPN and Fox, such as Jay Glazer and Colin Cowherd who — despite just a few weeks ago there being a report out about Lovie has never ‘out-coached’ anyone — spouting off about how all of the players are upset and that this is the surprise of NFL black monday.

In the other camp you have all of the millions of Chicago Bears fans and the entire city, along with myself, who think the move is long overdue.

Yes Lovie has a winning 79-62 record with the team. And he has a 3-3 post season record. The problem here is two-fold. First, Lovie has the personality of a cardboard cutout, with all of his “Kyle Orton-Jonathan Quinn- Rex Grossman-Brian Griese-etc. is our QB” coach speak. Secondly is Lovie never actually coached. HE has little to nothing to do with the offense, and although the team runs HIS Tampa2 D, he had to fire himself as defensive coordinator. So what exactly is he doing with the team? He isn’t really a motivator, or one to rally the troops. As a matter of fact, I think that Dave Toub’s special teams have more to do with the team’s success over the past few years than any other single factor.

That being said, I know that the players love him and are rightly upset. But the winds of change are blowing through the Windy City and we all have to accept it. More to come on who the team has lined up for interviews. Gruden? Cowher? Reid? DITKA??!

The Chicago Bears defeated the lowly Detroit Lions 26-24 on Sunday. The win was like many others for the team this season, ugly as they had to hang on for dear life at the end. It did however give them a 10-6 record overall. While that is nothing to turn ones nose up at, it wasn’t enough to get them to the post season thanks the the Swiss cheese defense they are running up in Greenbay, which allowed AP to run loose. It is the 5th time in the last 6 seasons under Lovie Smith which the team has missed out. This brings us to what I feel will be an offseason of change I the windy city. Will George McCaskey fire Smith and eat the 5 mil he is owed? Conventional thinking says no, but then again, change is a coming wether the team likes it or not.
A third of the roster will be free agents. Decisions must be made on starters such as Henry Melton and Nick Roach. What about Lance Louis, who is without a doubt the teams best offensive lineman? And a dark cloud on the immediate horizon is the future of HOF linebacker Brian Urlacher.
So many decisions, so little cap space. One thing is for certain, the next few weeks will be interesting for the team.
Stay tuned and I will cover more roster moves in the coming weeks.


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Enigmatic QB has no future with JETS!

That is the headline on the bleacher report which comes up when clicked from the main yahoo lead. Well CLEARLY! Obviously TIm Tebow sucks. He is the worst thing to happen to the big apple since 9-11. He is the biggest lying, murdering, dog-hating, tax-evading, non-spiral-throwing, Bible thumper on the scene since Mitt Romney. Call in the national guard! For the the love of all that’s decent people…he is left handed.
No future, huh? How about no present? How hard does Sanchez have to suck before he gets benched and they give ole lefty from Nease a chance? And when will the mothership, that is ESPN, allow Steve Young and Dilfer to say anything that isn’t glowing about Sanchez and Tony Romo for pete’s sake. These two must have the explicit tape of Chris “daaah Rayyyydeeerrssss” boomer Berman fondling that intern or something for all of the love they get from these bozos. Maybe Dilfer needs to remember his career before Baltimore D carried him. Trent the name Shaun King mean anything to ya? Yeah and Young its easy to talk when you have Rice out there catching balls. How was the ole USFL or Tampa before that. Point is simple, the networks hate Tebow because of one reason… he is a Christian. Plain and simple. But the public, much to ESPN suit’s chagrin, love Tebow. That makes him a ratings cash cow. So the less he plays, the more all of the talking heads will work him ever subtly into the conversations whether they are talking football or not. If they had their way he would be run out of town on a rope. But then who would they talk about… Linsanity anyone?