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OK. I just have to get this off of my chest. I get in the truck on the drive to work this morning and what do I hear, but both of the sports radio stations — CBS and FOXSPORTS — both are explaining why it is sooo ludacris that Bill Callahan would have purposefully blown his chance the win a Superbowl Ring with the Raiders.

Guess what, they’re right. No coach in his right mind would do that. No matter how good of buddies you are with the opposing coach {which I don’t eve seen how this argument was relevent…at all}, or how badly you hate the owner. Callahan got the Raiders there and tried his best to win the game. I’m sorry but he did.

But the is just the point. Tim Brown did not say the coach sabotaged the game on purpose. He said he changed the game plan at the last minute. There is a HUGE difference. All he basically said was that all of they players pretty much hated the guy’s guts before this and they blamed the change on what happened to Barrett before the game. Brown even went on to say the Barrett Robbins should have manned up. But that the team already knew he was a bit unstable.

No one [besides the media or course] is saying the coach submarined his own team. At least not intensionally. They are saying he out thought the room with a new plan that the Raider player felt they had no time to learn.